Justice for Michelle

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33 years ago you raped, beat, murdered and dismembered my 17 year old sister Michelle Marie Hayes. She was your friend, and she trusted you. How did you repay her? You showed her first hand the monster you were and still are. For 6 weeks Michelle was missing and my family searched for her everywhere. You (Scott Grant, Steven Cohen) tried to hide your horrible crime. You cut her up with a hand saw and buried her in your neighbors berry patch where her body rotted and your neighbors found her because of the smell. I have vigorously fought every parole hearing of yours and I continue to do so. I will fight your early release every single time you come up for parole. You destroyed so much with your heinous act, but one thing you never will destroy is my love and commitment to my sister Michelle. 

I need every signature I can collect. If you have signed one of my petitions in the past, I thank you so much. But each new parole hearing and petition requires your signature again. 

Scott Grant A-197-111 parole hearing is scheduled for February 2019.