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Make drivers take responsibility for running over our much loved cats

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11 millions families across the country own a pet, this is around 40% of us with around 17% of us owning cats. 

Even if we aren't lucky enough to have our own lovable pet, I'm sure we all have friends or family who do, and enjoy visiting them, occasionally just to see their furry friend.

If a dog is involved in a road traffic accident the driver has to stop and report the incident to the Police, it's the law. All dogs also have to be microchipped by law.

I believe the same should be put in place for cats. All should be microchipped and if an accident should occur this should be reported to the police, the chip can then be read and families informed quickly or urgent treatment provided. Councils should also check whether a pet is microchipped and inform the owner, rather that put our beloved pets in a freezer and await our call.

I believe if owners were made aware of incidents as soon as physically possible it would save our families a lot of upset and heart ache. I'm sure we have all seen posters looking for cats on lampposts or down our local vets at some point, I hope by creating this petition we will no longer have to see them.

Having recently lost our beloved Siamese cat, Simon, to a road traffic accident I believe these changes need to happen as soon as possible. I wouldn't wish what we have been through on any family and I'm sure there are others who have been through the same or similar who will agree with me.

Although he lived life in the fast lane, knew all our neighbours (visited them, uninvited usually) and made a few local children's lives happier, he was only 3 years old and had a lot more to give. He's left a huge space in our house hold that could never be filled. Had we of know at the time, who knows, he could still be with us now.

I hope you will all help me ensure families have the opportunity to save their pets life, if not find out sad news in a less stressful manner and sign this petition.


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