Making CDHS a safer learning environment.

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Public schools are meant to be a place to feel safe, learn, and get an education, yet it is so easy for just one person to walk in and change all of that. After the event of the school shooting that occurred on February 14th, 2018 in Parkland, Florida, there has been an uproar of students demanding higher security in schools in the United States.

Many students in the Davidson County School District (specifically Central Davidson High School), located in Lexington, North Carolina believe that their school does not do enough to ensure that the educational environment is a secure place for learning. This is a hazard to not only the students but the staff as well because an individual, that perhaps has intentions to cause harm, could easily do so just by walking in.

So far this school year, Central Davidson High School has practiced a total of only one lockdown drill, and that was just within the first few weeks of school beginning. That is not enough preparation for the possibility of a dangerous individual to come on campus, causing trouble. Public schools should have at least one lockdown drill every nine weeks, training students and staff on what to do if something traumatic, like a shooting, were to happen.

Nowadays, it is far too easy for someone, possibly even a student, to bring a weapon of some sort onto campus and injure multitudes of people. It should not be that simple to turn a school into a place of horror and terror. Students should not have to fear going to school and feel unsafe while they are there. Everyone should feel like they are free from danger when they are in the place that they will spend a huge part of their lives for several years.

In order for this to happen, we, as a community and a student body, need to get the attention of the Davidson County School District so change can happen. This change is very important to many people, including students, parents, and teachers. The administration in the district can enforce more rules about safety within our many schools, resulting in the feeling of a safer learning environment for thousands of students.

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