Make the killing/injuring of a police animal in VA the same as killing/injuring an officer

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Vader's Law. In Memory of VSP K-9 Vader.

Code of Virginia Section 

§ 18.2-144.1. Prohibition against killing or injuring police animals; penalty.

This petition is specifically seeking support that the penalty for such crimes referenced above be changed to reflect the same magnitude and weight as killing any sworn law enforcement officer.

Precedent is set for this with several states, including Florida. The federal government recognizes the difference between such law enforcement animals and equipment in the Federal Law Enforcement Protection Act. 

The loss of a police K-9 is truly the loss of an officer. Despite the law's lacking, the officers who serve us each day give the dog the same dignity and final acts of respect they would give a fallen sworn human.

The amount of public support for such an amendment is evident in the outpouring each time one of these four legged officers is killed.

Please join us in showing support for this legislation which we hope will be proposed in 2019.