Help the Dogs & Cats of the Horrific and Devilish Yulin Meat Festival

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The dogs and cats of the Yulin Festival are being made to suffer horrific means to an end, simply to justify an outlandish tradition while making a profit. The dogs are dragged from overstuffed cages and are stabbed in different parts of their bodies and left to bleed to death. They are also electrocuted, hung to death, skinned alive, and some possibly cooked before they are completely dead. To add Horror to Horror, some dogs and cats are burned alive (fully conscious) while being beaten with sticks.

We need to unite and make a stand against The Yulin Meat Festival. We must urge every citizen to come to the aid and rescue of these helpless animals who are doomed. We must reach out to the people of the Province of Guangxi as well as the city of Yulin and implore them to come to an agreement in which dog/cat meat is banned and made illegal perpetually. They are concerned with the loss of profits and that seems to be the driving force. We need to figure out a solution, another more humane and civil Festival that will not affect the livelihood of the locals while freeing the dogs and cats once and for all...and if that’s not an option, Death to the Yulin Meat Festival nonetheless.

I love all animals, yet none touch my heart as much as dogs. I love cats very much although. The unconditional love and loyalty these animals give naturally, show you they have a higher purpose and we have a duty as human beings to protect these Divine Creatures. Every dog I see, I am looking into the eyes of my own family.