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To revert ROBLOX Terms of Service and allow Third Party gaming communication.

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As someone who loves ROBLOX and has been playing since 2007, I feel ROBLOX has be destroying its own brand and the latest attacks on the Player base has not gone unnoticed, someone that loves ROBLOX, I feel I should try to protect the players and their rights from ROBLOX itself.

Support us! Tweet @ Roblox Staff, have our voices heard! That's only way we can halt this attack on this community and keep ROBLOX a free place where the community comes first!

This Petition has been created to revert ROBLOX poor choices by harming their own community, along with the harming their most loyal fans.

Removing groups for using third party gaming chats, removing groups that follow ROBLOX old guidelines, and simply turning their back on the ROBLOX community as a whole.

ROBLOX's failure to protect their community and those who have gave them countless Millions of Dollars is becoming simply outragous ROBLOX is simply turning into the Youtube/EA of the online gaming community, trying to force you to only use their product and killing groups which are the backbone of their Community.

I understand that go 75% of their community is Children under the age of 13. However, I know that comes from the 25% of this community that spends hundreds to THOUSANDS of dollars on ROBLOX, not including the games that earn ROBLOX a fair amount of income. By enforcing these outragous rules that don't allow the player base the freedom that ROBLOX advertises is hypocritical. As such, I for one will send on last warning to ROBLOX.

Revert and go back to community friendly guidelines, that protect the players and allow them form friendships and groups, that also allows this ROBLOX community use third part sources and halt this pointless censorship.

Or... Face a boycott.

Please help, tweet @ ROBLOX Staff, email them, let them hear our Voices! If they refuse to listen then we must go after what they really care about, if not their Community then their wallets!

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