Stop our 3 Labrador fur babies from being destroyed by SWEK!!

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As many know - SWEK (Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley) are trying to destroy our 3 fur babies based on, well basically nothing. One sided interviews and alleged fraudulent investigation, absolutely no process followed, still no paperwork received. Only a statement from the Shires “lawyers” which is full of holes and lies and even harassment. They are now taking us to court to destroy our 3 Labrador babies (family pets) claiming they are dangerous and are an immediate threat, yet basing this on a dog on dog incident gone wrong. We are fighting for the injustice, the lack of process and procedure this Shire claim they have followed and the absolute bollocks reasonings they have given us. We have been fighting this for nearly 3 months now (18th July they seized our babies and still yet to officially notify with appropriate paperwork), given false hope and face to face about investigating and reviewing only to find in writing now from the “lawyers” and under FOI it was all BS. But we can’t fight this alone. We, ourselves, need it known and need those who will fight in our corner and show what a mess this Shire is and prove all their wrong doings. For all the animal lovers, those who know us and know our fur babies and know just how far from aggressive and dangerous all 3 are, or those who just know that wrong is wrong and what they are doing is wrong - we could use your help. This whole process has been emotionally, not to mention now financially absolutely breaking (they are trying to charge US with everything they can because we refused to rescind our rights so they could kill our babies) and we continue and will continue to fight for and save the lives of our 3 Labrador babies (Allie, Thor and Xena). This Shire is hellbent on killing our babies without proof and a complete one sided, full of lies, BS approach. This Shire were the ones who want to destroy our babies, but did not destroy, or even remove two aggressive dogs who but two weeks earlier escaped and attacked a human (who required to be flown to Perth twice from Kununurra for surgery), someone we know and who is now fighting them also. We will fight this Shire and their failure to do right by animals. Not just for our babies but for every other poor animal that has meet with this inept, incapable Shire! We are not talking about uncared for strays roaming the street, this was a sad unfortunate neighbour to neighbour, dog on dog fight (that occurred after they were all playing) between 2 kelpies and our 3 lab babies. They are no way aggressive nor dangerous, they all acted with instinct and provocation and destruction is NOT the right answer! But this small town of Kununurra shows corruption and lies and we are met with nothing but harassment and elongated process just to delay because we refused to back down. Help us bring the attention against this Shire and prove how wrong they are!!