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Call for Translink to fire homophobic bus driver!

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On Saturday 1st August 2015, a Translink Metro bus driver told his supervisor he couldn't get his bus through Belfast city centre during the 25th Gay Pride celebrations on Saturday because there were "too many bum-busters" on the road.

He then not only repeated the slur but defended his comments when challenged by other drivers. His remarks were heard by passengers, other drivers and Translink bosses.

This disgusting treatment of the LGBT community has gone practically unnoticed, with the bus driver only receiving 'a slap on the wrist'and some discliplinary action.

If this was xenophobic, there would be an uproar from concerned parties also calling for him to be sacked. If the bus driver had made derogatory comments towards Belfast's 12th of July parades, different action would be taken, however at the minute the homophobic abuse is being overlooked.

It is proven* that in Northern Ireland;

  • LGBT young people are less likely to discuss their sexuality within the family.
  • Those with a Christian ethos are more likely to disapprove of LGBT people.
  • LGBT people in Northern Ireland are more likely to have experienced harassment than their counterparts in the rest of the UK and Ireland.

Sexual harassment in the LGBT community is rife, with a study* showing;

  • 82% had experienced harassment and 55% homophobic violence
  • Males were more likely than females to have suffered both harassment and violence
  • The most common form of harassment was verbal abuse
  • The most common forms of violence were being the target of a missile (35%), assault (30%), attempted assault (29%) and being spat at (18%).

This is a call to David Strahan, Group Chief Executive and John Trethowan, The Chairman of the Board of the Northern Ireland Transport Holding Company, to sack the bus driver who sexually harassed the public on Saturday 1st August 2015. Translink, a public corporation in Northern Ireland must act in the best interests of the public and treat hate crime and sexual harassment in the same light as any other attack.



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