Stop DOCs removing babies and children from parents who are Victims of Domestic violence.

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For the many parents and children torn apart at the hands of this government, babies torn from Mums from birth who are victims of Domestic Violence how barbaric is this but yet most people not affected as yet  don't even realise this is happening Removing  children would be considered a more violent act than DV 

How do communities run white ribbon days but fail to identify this fact that the children and too often newborn babies of these victims are being removed and often they are not allowed to see their parents? How does this make sense? This act in itself is one of the most violent acts which a victim would have been through, the children are taken and not allowed to see parents, not allowed to speak or write, they are alienated often and this government and communities are allowing this, while you are enjoying Christmas and any other special day victims of DV  are not allowed by Goward to even speak to their kids, please hold a thought for the Mums and Dads also their children who are torn apart by this ministers actions Pru Goward and the new fast-tracked adoption children not allowed to know their mother because she was a victim of DV?,...

.David Shoebridge is one of the only people within the parliament who has the best interests of families at heart from his representations and so we must ask for his help and the family unit please being a single Mum is not dysfunctional, women and men do recover from Domestic Violence so please stop the systemic abuse.

Pru Goward needs to trade places and live under her own rules to see how it actually is for victims of the system. please help us  to ask for David Shoebridge  to oversee a change in this act we could have refuges set up with education for mother,father and children rather than wasting resources on jail cells and allowing Pru Goward to boast on saving in this area of Child Protection  as too often these perpetrators are victims of abuse themselves,DOCs make the domestic violence worse when relationships and marriages are about facing problems head on not just tearing the family unit apart and making the victims as though they are criminals and not allow them to see or speak to their kids,,Stop pulling families apart and treating victims of domestic violence as criminals....change this act now please David Shoebridge  help us to change this act.......Parents are dying from suicide because of this act and it must cease....

.Empathy is the ultimate cure......women are often too afraid to ask for help because this Government and in particular CPS is renowned for their barbaric treatment of women and men who fall, victim, as they know their children will be removed, this creates PTSD as the act of removal has created so much trauma within the family. Thank you for your support