Stop Animal Cruelty Everywhere

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Animals all around the world are being treated unkindly by either being killed for sport (hunting and bull-fighting), For gambling (e.g. greyhound racing), for animal testing (e.g. for cosmetic reasons). The behaviour of humans is also destroying animal's homes and effecting the environment. Trees are being cut down to supply us with palm oil. This is forcing many animals such as orang-utans to move away from their home.

It's not that it can be solved, it is that we can start now rather than later. It is a time-consuming subject to stop all together but it's better to start now. I would like to create international parks where all countries (mainly developing and richer countries) contribute to all the areas allocated to all animals in danger (not only including endangered animals).

Personal story
I'm a twelve year old girl who has become a vegetarian for about a year. Whenever I see anything about what people of an older generation are doing to different animals and their habitats, I always think about how much I want it to stop and that's why I'm starting this petition. We are the next generation who has the right to make a difference and enjoy the future of the planet, the way it was first found; the one our older generation destroyed.