Keep the I-4 Confederate Flag Down

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The massive Confederate flag that looms over highways I-75 and I-4 represents hate and racism. It has been controversial for years.

On May 31st, the flag was taken down. David McAllister, the leader of the Sons of the Confederate Veterans, took his flag down fearing that it could serve as a target in wake of the Geroge Floyd Protests.

The owners preemptively took action because they are aware of the flag's racist connotation. Historically, the flag has always been a symbol of hate. It has been used by White Supremacists, the KKK, pro-segregationists, and the Confederates soldiers who fought to keep slavery alive. 

No one likes this flag. The last petition for this flag gained over 10,000 signatures. Still, no actions were taken from the mayor, governor, or senator. This petition will be different. It will be addressed directly to David McAllister and The Sons of the Confederate Veterans. I will be requesting the raising of an American flag.

We are visible. We have a stronger voice than the Sons of the Confederate Veterans. This fight against racial injustice and police brutality is not over. Their southern history is NOT more important than our future. Let's show David McAllister just how many people despise his flag and what it stands for.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans fear our opinions now. Let's make sure they know our opinions aren't changing anytime soon.

Let's keep this flag down!