Air Quality - Town of Schodack (Amazon Warehouse)

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In recent articles, in both the Albany TU and  the WAMC program  the residents of Ezra Prentice homes are finally getting consideration dealing with the high volume of diesel fumes which they are constantly exposed to.

In Schodack, (Rensselaer County) NY, pop. 13,000, residents are concerned with the high volume of diesel trucks that will be entering and exiting the new 1 million SQ Ft Warehouse 24/7 which has been located next to 60+ RESIDENTIAL HOMES. 

There is an established correlation between a high volume of diesel traffic and an increased incidence of life threatening lung problems (such as Asthma) for younger children.  A report has showed that Rensselaer County already has 3,870 cases and the Bronx has 103,654 cases.  The South Bronx has a high volume of diesel trucks traveling through neighborhoods.

The EPA established stricter standards for diesel trucks that must be met but they later exempted "glider trucks".  The glider trucks are essentially rebuilt trucks using a rebuild diesel engine that does not meet the new standards thereby allowing diesel pollution to continue.

The neighborhoods in Schodack located next to this Amazon has many young children and their health is of utmost importance.

We want to bring this matter to the attention of our local Town Officials as well as the appropriate New York State Departments. 

A Full EIS may have pinpointed this problem and offered mitigation to this serious threat to the health of our residents.

We the undersigned as concerned citizens request that the appropriate NYS Departments review this matter and provide a response to protect the residents of Schodack.