Spongebobs Bubble Bowl "Sweet Victory" instead of Maroon5 at 2019 Halftime show

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We need the world to realize how much Stephen Hillenburg has been a huge part of our childhoods by bringing spongebob to life and creating such fun and long-lasting memories that all of us can look back on. Especially the "Bubble Bowl." We have to agree that at least once in our lives we have played that scene on youtube and watched it over and over again because of the pure awesomeness and joy it brings us, am i right? It is only fair that we, Goofy Goobers, Jellyfishers, Anchovies, Hash Slinging Slashers, and Bubble Blowing Babies alike, come together in this time of morn and show our gratitude to Hillenburg by achieving the impossible... by allowing David Glen Eisley and Bob Kulick to perform "Sweet Victory" at the 2019 Halftime show in memory of Hillenburg instead of Maroon5. If you truly love what he has done for this world and our childhoods, then you'll sign this petition. Thank you, and God bless