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Marvel, Please Reprint Norm Breyfogle’s Work in a Collected Edition

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Norm Breyfogle is one of the most pivotal artists of the modern age of comics. His work inspired an entire generation of comic book fans. Unfortunately one year ago Norm suffered from a stroke and has lost use of his drawing hand. He is trying to get himself back together from this tragedy and needs help from the comic book community. While DC Comics has committed to releasing collected versions of Norm’s work, Marvel has not. What better way to help an artist in need and make sure that future generations can appreciate the work of a legend than releasing collections of Norm Breyfogle’s stories and art!

A list of Norm’s work at Marvel:
Marvel Fanfare #29 (1982 series) “Story” - Captain America – Script, Pencils, Inks, Letters, and Back Cover
Marvel Fanfare #31 (1982 series) “The Call” – Daredevil – Script, Pencils, Inks, and Letters
Marvel Fanfare #37 (1982 series) “Synchronicity” - Fantastic Four – Pencils, Inks, and Back Cover
Marvel Fanfare #45 (1982 series) Pin-up Hulk Illustration
Open Space # 3 (1989 series) There Ain’t No Such Thing as a Free Launch – Pencils and Inks
Marvel Fanfare #57 (1982 series) A Norman Breyfogle Portfolio – Pencils and Inks
Marc Spector: Moon Knight #42 (1989 series) Multiverse Madness – Pencils
Within Our Reach (1991 One Shot) - Cover
Prime/Captain America #1, #9, and #10 (1996 series) – Pencils and Inks
Avengers 2000 (1998 series) “The Cat Came Back!” – Pencils and Inks
Thunderbolts 2000 (2000 series) “Under the Surface” – Pencils and Inks
Hellcat #1-3 (2000 series) – Pencils and Inks
Black Panther #30 (1998 series) “The Story Thus Far” – Pencils and Inks

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