David Eby to officially repudiate flawed housing study of 2015

David Eby to officially repudiate flawed housing study of 2015

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Ivan Pak started this petition to David Eby

In November 2015, Mr. David Eby, then the housing critic for the opposition B.C. NDP, helped Mr. Andy Yan, an urban planning academic at the Simon Fraser University, produce a housing study (1) based on a sample of 172 homes sold in Vancouver West. The study found that 66% of the 172 homes was bought by people with “non-Anglicized Chinese names”.

On April 26, 2021, Mr. Eby, now the housing minister and attorney general for B.C., apologized for his role (2) in the study. He acknowledged it has had a damaging “impact on the Chinese community”. It has cast aspersions on the entire community (3) by linking B.C.’s Chinese people to the supposed flood of dirty money from China.

We, the undersigned who are citizens and residents of Canada, submit this petition calling for Mr. David Eby, British Columbia’s housing minister and attorney general, to undertake the following corrective actions in public and in a written statement.

1. Acknowledge in no uncertain terms that the study was, and is, flawed, and should never have been published.
2. Repudiate the study’s finding as meaningless, incomplete, inconclusive, and erroneous as it was based on a tiny sample size of 172 homes.
3. Officially apologize for his role in supplying the pre-selected data that led to the inevitable conclusion that people with “non-Anglicized Chinese names” had bought up the bulk of a small neighbourhood in Vancouver West.
4. Apologize to the people of British Columbia and Canada for failing to counter the widespread and prolonged misreporting of the study in the media. Sensational stories in the local, national and international media misled the public to the wrong conclusion that Chinese people were and are buying up or had bought up the bulk of Vancouver’s housing.
5. Call on the media including the Vancouver Sun (4), The Province (5) the South China Morning Post 6), the Globe and Mail (7), Macleans (8), The Walrus (9), PriceTags (10), and others that defended the study to follow in his example to apologize and repudiate the study.


1. While welcome, Mr. Eby’s admission of regret to the Cullen Commission on Money Laundering is insufficient. He has yet to fully appreciate the widespread fear, anger and confusion unleashed by the study even as housing affordability in Vancouver and Canada continues to deteriorate since 2015.
2. In targeting people with “non-Anglicized Chinese names”, the study has further complicated the already difficult and politicized discourse on housing issues in B.C. and Canada.
3. Chinese Canadians of varied backgrounds have suffered and continue to suffer the consequences of being wrongly blamed for the crisis. Over the course of the last six years, Chinese-scapegoating (11) for Canada’s housing problems has become mainstream. It has harmed race relations, particularly in Metro Vancouver where nearly 20 percent of the population is of ethnic Chinese background. The vast majority of Metro Vancouver’s Chinese are of working-to-middle class background.
4. The study has hampered rather than help in the search for affordability solutions through its stoking of xenopohobic, Sinophobic, and nativist sentiments. It has led to a witchhunt for “foreign capital” as opposed to “local capital”, with the former being indiscriminately demonized as the main or sole cause of Metro Vancouver’s housing problems. Other much more important factors driving the housing markets have been excluded or downplayed, thus preventing politicians, policy makers, and planners from taking an independent and objective approach to tackling the housing challenge.


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