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Stop the use of a live duck in David Copperfield's stage show

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I was recently on holiday in Las Vegas and went to see David Copperfield's show at the MGM Grand Hotel on Tuesday 1 October 2013.

I was HORRIFIED to see David Copperfield using a live duck in his performace - several times.

The first time this poor creature made an appearance was when the song 'Shake Your Tailfeather' came on at full volume and the duck was shoved from the behind the curtain to waddle along the stage wearing a David Copperfield medallion.

The second time was when the duck was brought on stage, roughly (and I mean ROUGHLY) forced into a small wooden bucket, only to 'magically reappear' across the other side of the auditorium to loud music, flashing lights, and cheers from the ignorant audience.

Copperfield then did the same trick again.

The duck was brought on for the final time and simply held aloft for the audience to see in a spotlight - flapping desperately and losing feathers as it struggled to free itself.

I complained heavily to the production team after the show who laughed in my face. Apparently David has being doing this trick for 15 years. I politely suggested it is time he got a new one!

The use of animals in entertainment is cruel, unnecessary and hugely outdated. THIS IS NOT THE DARK AGES! I want an end to this pointless and distressing trick!

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