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Heroin overdose treatment in NY

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Hello New York, 

 For decades now the Heroin epidemic in New York State has reached unacceptable numbers. Since, I could remember I have been dealing with the effects of heroin abuse that has changed my life in ways I never thought could. I personally am not an addict nor have I physically used the substance, but many childhood friends and even my own brother have become addicted. It's become a social norm, to wake up and hear that someone you grew up with has died from an overdose, or put in jail for heroin possession. In New York State, if a person overdoses they are hospitalized for 72 hours and then given a CHOICE to receive treatment. However, if a person overdoses from tylenol in a attempted suicide they are given a MANDATORY 2 week treatment in inpatient. Therefore, I propose we move forward and treat drug overdoses like suicide attempts. If addiction is a mental illness, than we need to begin treating it like one. I hope this method can impact newer users into being treated early, appose to the slight chance "things will get better" on their own. No one should have to overdose multiple times in order to be taken seriously. With the community's support, I strongly believe we can protect the next generation and maybe even the current generation from watching a friend,family or loved one suffer slowly from life ruining and life ending behaviour.

Thank you, let's end this once and for all!  

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