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Grant visas & let my parents attend my daughter’s funeral

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My beautiful five year old daughter, Andrea, was killed just before Christmas after being hit by a car. An unbearable time has been made even worse as the Home Office refuses to give my only living relatives visas to attend the funeral. 

My parents, along with my sister, have been denied visas to attend the funeral from Zimbabwe simply because they are 'too poor' and so the Home Office believes that my family wish to stay here illegally once they arrive. They do not. That's why I've started this petition to plea for my family to be allowed to attend. Please sign and pledge your support. 

My family are street sellers from Zimbabwe. They pose no risk to the country, they simply want to support us and grieve the loss of our beautiful girl. Our local community in the UK have helped us raise money so they can attend and my family have offered to do anything in order to be there, even if that means wearing electronic tags and reporting to the local police station. 

The Prime Minister and the Home Secretary, David Cameron and Theresa May have the power to reverse the decision, and allow our family to attend the funeral. Hopefully with enough public support we can convince the Home Office of how tragic and exceptional the circumstances are and get them to grant the visas. 

Losing a child is one of the hardest things a person can experience, and at this time myself and my husband are both longing for the support of our family. Having our family together at this time is incredibly important to us, and an important part of our culture. 

Andrea was a wonderful little girl and she deserves a proper farewell. 

At the heart of it, all I really wants is to have my mother at my side whilst I grieve the loss of my child. Please sign and allow our family to be together and finally lay Andrea to rest. 

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