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Kentucky Fried Chicken Must Stop Abusing Their Chickens

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When one walks into a KFC expecting a delicious Famous Bowl or Fried Chicken Bucket, most don't stop to think about the chicken that went into making it. Some may believe that the chickens lived a happy life,while other may know about factory farming but choose to ignore the very likely possibility that this is how those chicken are raised. However, no matter what your thought process was, I am sure that the real story is far worse than you feared. Kentucky Fried abuses the chickens that they use to cook their food. It is horrible, inhumane, and terrible for the chickens. After spending time in a factory farm, employees beat and torture many chickens for "fun," (Quoted from a KFC employee when describing the process to a friend). Some do it of their own accord, others are forced to do it by their employers (see link below). And if they kill a chicken in abusive process and can no longer use it for cooking? Factory farming has thousands of other stressed unhealthy chickens to provide KFC with. Just because Yum! Foods is a huge company does not mean it is allowed to forego justice for animal cruelty. This horrid behavior needs to stop, and it it needs to stop now. We can only do this with your support, so please, help and support the movement for human treatment of chickens in KFC's across America. We call for a full scale investigation and a policy change to help ortect the animals across America



Here is a link to live footage of the torture. Please only watch if 16 and up: 

KFC abusing Chickens: How it happens

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