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Bring Adam Payne Home Now!

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Our son Adam Payne has been made homeless after, undergoing major spinal fusion surgery at Great Ormond Street Children's hospital, on 4th may 2017.

Adam now has metal rods from his neck down his lower spine.

It was a major and complicated surgical procedure.

Some of you may recognise Adam from the BBC2 documentary called "This is Tottenham" prior to his life saving surgery.

Things are even worse for Adam and our entire family now.

Adam is almost 12 years old and is a kind,fun loving child.

Adam used to love being around his family and friends, loves football ,especially Arsenal FC, and going to the park.

Adam loves books and Julia Donaldson is his favourite author, he has a wide range of musical taste from classical to stevie Wonder to Bob Marley.

Adam is severally disabled, he is also blind with epilepsy. He has quadrapeligic cerebral palsy affecting all four of his limbs.

He is doubly incontinent, he cannot sit up, walk having to use a wheelchair. He cannot talk and remains non verbal with global developmental delay. Adam needs 24HR supervision and care.

Despite Adam's disability he is super resilient, patient, and in my opinion a true warrior.

Grown adults would have crumbled,with what his had to face in his life.

Written off by doctors at birth who said he wouldn't live till five, four major operations at Great Ormond Street,

Adam is a true warrior in every sense of the word and an inspiration to anyone that he meets.

For almost nine years Adam has been caught either side,of Haringey council and Sanctuary Housing and their failure to work together.

Haringey council have failed to assess Adam's needs properly and support Adam by providing basic everyday equipment that he requires.

Equipment that will allow him to live his day to day life. This includes very very basic intervention like a hand and foot splints, a wheelchair, home seating system and the list goes on..........

For the last 8 years Haringey Council have been denying and obstructing Adam's home adaptations that will meet his complex health and care needs.

This has meant my wife his main carer and I have been carrying Adam,up and down stairs and around the house placing Adam at serious risk of injury.

Sanctuary Housing state they can only be guided by Haringey's occupational therapy team who are incompetent. 
Unfortunately Adam is trapped between two organisations.

Both blame the other and claim their actions are totally ethical and within Adam's best interests.

Haringey Council have failed to search for a post operative placement in good time and secure it.

Discharge from Great Ormond Street was imminent as Adam was already bed blocking.

In desperation we sourced Haven House Hospice and pleaded for Haringey to send him there. Adam stayed at Haven House Hospice for six weeks. When the placement expired Adam had nowhere to go.

He was faced with immediate homelessness as Haven House Hospice was not prepared to extend his placement and discharged Adam.

So we had no choice but to rush Adam to Whittington hospital where he was born. 

Haringey Council insisted they pack Adam off to a home in Croydon, where violent children are housed and there isn't any stimulation, nor did it meet any of Adam's complex needs.

Haringey council then made a "u turn".
Insisting Adam must return home to a environment which doesn't meet his complex needs.

Haringey's other option is to pack Adam of to Skegness or Surrey miles away from his family and friends. 

At no point was any consideration given to Adam's feelings,because he is severely disabled, and a child of colour he can be treated with utter disrespect and contempt by Sanctuary Housing Group and Haringey Council in Britain! in 2017! 

This doesn't address Adams Housing needs as Haringey Council don't have a clue what their doing.

They are stumbling alone wasting precious time that Adam can I'll afford to be wasting.

Even after a High Court Judge ordered Haringey Council, that Adam cannot return home as it is unsuitable for Adam's needs, Haringey Council insists Adam returns home.

They have threatened us,that they will apply for a Care Order if we do not take Adam home. 

This is clearly not in Adam's best interests to be removed from his family, simply because of Haringey Council and Sanctuary Housing's failure to work together to adapt the house.

Adam cannot continue to live in this house and live without being washed,unable to use his equipment that allows him to stand.

In an environment which is wholly unsuitable for Adams Complex needs.
Adam is currently living at the Whittington Hospital in Islington, even though he is not unwell.

This truly is the stuff of nightmares of any parent. 

The Whittington Hospital cannot discharge Adam.

So he now lives in a cramped boiling hot hospital room, kept in isolation due to a strain of MRSA, and cannot acccess the play room nor the playground outside his hospital room.

Adam cannot return home not because we are bad parents, to the contrary, it's because the property doesn't meet his complex needs.

Our complaints have fell on deaf ears to both the brightest minds, at Sanctuary Housing Group and Haringey Council for 8 years that will soon become 9 years.

This could have been avoided years ago with common sense,planning, parallel partnership working between Haringey Council and Sanctuary Housing Group.

Adam's situation is beyond crisis point, it breaches all of his human rights, criminals and terrorists get treated better by the state.

I implore any decent human being to please sign this petition as it seems both Haringey Council and Sanctuary Housing Group, care more about public opinion than my son Adam's welfare.

As the great Mahatma Gandhi said:
"The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members"






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