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Revert Roblox's New Censorship Rules

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The Roblox censorship rules have gotten completely out of hand and is ruining the experience for everyone. I am going to use a message from one of my friends for this.

"I'm getting sick and tired of ROBLOX censoring the building/roleplaying games that I play. They have put the game I play the most, Risk Universalis III, under review for THREE TIMES already. They do not tell the community I am in (5 thousand + people, mind you) WHY it is under review, but it's as if I just join one day saying, "Oh, I'm going to go have fun playing my favorite game", and I find it's under review AGAIN. My community isn't the only one that's having this difficulty. There are at least 4 others, including Build a Vast Empire, and the Great Wars Community, whose games are also under review. ROBLOX is going TOO FAR with censorship and reviewing games. I even found that their own character, ROBLOX the bot/person/cyborg whatever he is, is getting targetted, in which ROBLOX Building is under review.
These acts are intolerable. I feel like I'm in a dictatorship, unable to play my favorite games. It's so hard for the developers of these games because ROBLOX will put the game under review, but then the developers don't know why it's under review.

If you are having this problem too, please 1 up this post, so ROBLOX can SEE the problem that they are causing, and SEE the communities dying. So far, they haven't noticed anything, because their customer service is awful, and you can't report these kinds of problems to them anyway.

Please share this and spread this so everyone can see how messed up ROBLOX is getting. The new updates are NOT GOOD AT ALL and we the ROBLOXians need to voice our opinions."

Roblox, please revert these changes. You are putting hard working developer's games under review just because they didn't put your new HORRID filter on.



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