For all women to be made aware breast implants cause suffering and harm to their health

For all women to be made aware breast implants cause suffering and harm to their health

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Daisy Jones started this petition to David Amess

I hope that all women are made aware breast implants can cause extreme suffering and harm to their health and the appropriate action is taken to help any woman suffering. I ask anyone reading this petition to please share and raise awareness, there are millions of women at risk that are unaware that their health and potentially life is in danger due to implants. 

Often people think of breast implants as pure vanity however many women have breast implants for reconstruction purposes after breast cancer, after pregnancy, have asymmetry, or low self esteem, there are lots of reasons women have implants whichever it may be they do not deserve to experience suffering. The media have portrayed breast implants as a normal part of society, they are heavily advertised through marketing and celebrity endorsements, millions of women have unknowingly had breast implants and risked their health and possibly life. By simply sharing and signing this petition you could be saving the life of someone’s mother, daughter, sister or even your own life. 

Breast Implant Illness ( BII ) is currently known to affect at least 55,000 women, yet there are more women suffering with the illness who are simply unaware that the illness even exists, this is due to the fact it is not yet publicly recognised by the medical profession or cosmetic surgery industry.

To my knowledge there are currently no U.K. surgeons, cosmetic surgery companies or even nhs breast reconstruction surgeons who acknowledge this life changing illness, they do not prior warn any new patients contemplating receiving breast implants, they are not made aware of the risk. Everyday women have and continue to trust the safety of implants, they are not made aware of the severe consequences of the illnesses or risks they can potentially suffer. 

There is currently no structured support, plans, recovery programmes or acknowledgement to help the women who are suffering with BII. 

I personally have experienced BII it has caused me great suffering for many years, if I was made aware of the illness I would never have chosen to even contemplate breast implants in the first place. I am sure I speak for many women when I say this. I was only recently made aware of the illness through self researching my symptoms and was shocked to discover how many women have and are still suffering with the illness, all the women have the exact same symptoms and the symptoms only lessen or completely disappear once the implants and scar tissue surrounding the implants are correctly removed.

There is a support group available for women to acknowledge the illness however the options to find a solution to the illness are limited, due to the lack of recognition by the industry and governments. Below I have suggested some possible solutions to help the women who are affected by BII and also those who could potentially be affected by BII in the future.  

1. I would like the government to firstly ensure that any potential women contemplating breast surgery in the future are clearly educated about the illness and the appropriate risks prior to surgery, this is to stop any women in the future unknowingly experiencing this horrific illness. 

2. I would like the government to enforce stricter regulations on the cosmetic surgery industry so that they can offer the correct aftercare and recovery for their patients who have experienced breast implant illness. Many women are relying on the NHS to help them when it should be the private surgery providers responsibility to help their patients. Women are also using the NHS to determine why they are experiencing their symptoms, having lots of medical tests on the NHS which is already under great strain, if BII is recognised it will save valuable time and money for the NHS.

3. The breast implant manufacturers as well as the appropriate organisations in charge of assessing the safety of implants should legally be held responsible for what I can only state is an ever growing epidemic. This is for suffering they have caused and continue to cause to trusting women. 

 4. Importantly individuals with breast implants have a risk of developing breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma, BIA-ALCL. There is now proof that breast implants cause a rare and potentially fatal form of cancer and this is recognised worldwide, however there is no protocol to communicate this to previous patients who are at risk and could even have BIA-ALCL. Patients are not made aware of this new development, there are no removal or risk reducing strategies in place to help these women. I would like the government to make sure that all women who have had the implants are now informed of the risk of the cancer and the necessary steps needed are in place to stop them from potentially dying from their implants. Currently many patient records are lost and there is no way to inform previous patients they are at risk. A possible solution could be a health campaign or more media coverage. Thankfully the U.K. media are starting to make people aware of the risks however I believe there is a lot more that can be done and it should be regulated to ensure no one is missed. 

5. The cosmetic surgery industry is a billion pound industry yet faces no repercussions or responsibility for the harm it is inflicting and continues to inflict on people who trust the doctors, surgeons and industry in general. I understand that when you sign a legal binding document you are made aware of the risks of the surgery and possible complications, however I myself along with millions of women did not sign a document stating my surgery could cause cancer and breast implant illness, I would categorically not have accepted that risk. There needs to be a great reform in the industry to morally, responsibly and I believe even legally serve its patients regarding breast implants. 

 The above are a few suggestions I would like to see limit the damage and harm of Breast implants. 

Please research breast implant illness and also breast implant associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma,BIA-ALCL. Please do all you can to raise awareness. If you believe you are at risk or would like to learn more there is a U.K. support group on Facebook for BBI which you can find by searching U.K Breast Implant Illness and Healing Support Group. As well as the following website. for more details. There are many groups available for support and education if you search for them, they are created by women who suffer with BII. 

I have personally suffered with BII for many years and I am investigating BIA-ALCL, I feel obliged to take action and am dedicated to raising awareness and helping women who are suffering and could potentially suffer. I am only one voice and one person and can only do so much to push to make the changes needed. This petition is not just for women who have experienced BII or BIA-ALCL to sign, it is for everyone in the country who cares about people, signing this petition and taking action will stop the suffering of millions of women, I ask that you please take a moment out of your day to sign this petition. 

 Signs & Symptoms:

Fatigue or chronic fatigue

Cognitive dysfunction (brain fog, difficulty concentrating, word retrieval, memory loss)

Muscle aches, pain, and weakness

Joint pain and soreness

Hair loss

Dry skin, eyes, mouth, hair

Weight gain or weight loss

Easy bruising and slow healing of wounds

Temperature intolerance

Low libido

Ringing in the ears

Heart palpitations

Shortness of breath

Metallic taste in the mouth

Oral thrush (white tongue)

Night sweats

Skin rashes


Estrogen/progesterone imbalance, diminishing hormones, or early menopause

Swollen and tender lymph nodes in the breast area, underarms, throat, neck, or groin

Tingling or numbness in the arms and legs

Burning pain around the chest wall or breasts

Cold and discolored hands and feet

Foul body odor

Muscle twitching




Frequent urination

Chronic neck and back pain


Nail changes (cracking, splitting, slow growth, etc.)

Skin freckling, pigmentation changes (darkening or white spots), or an increase in papules (flesh colored raised bumps)

Edema (swelling) around eyes
Premature aging

Decline in vision or vision disturbances

Slow muscle recovery after activity

Liver and kidney dysfunction

Gastrointestinal and digestive issues

Sudden food intolerances and allergies

Smell or chemical sensitivities

New or persistent infections – viral, bacterial, and/or fungal (candida)

Reoccurring sinus, yeast, and UTI infections

Throat clearing, cough, difficult swallowing, choking feeling

Chronic inflammation

Feeling like you are dying

Headaches, dizziness, and migraines

Mood swings, emotional instability

Anxiety, panic attacks

Suicidal thoughts


Hypo/hyper thyroid symptoms

Hypo/hyper adrenal symptoms

Symptoms or diagnosis of fibromyalgia

Symptoms or diagnosis of lyme

Common autoimmune symptoms or diagnoses: rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, Sjörgen’s syndrome, Raynaud’s syndrome, Graves disease, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, scleroderma, multiple sclerosis, ulcerative colitis, and Crohn’s disease.

Breast implants commonly affect the following systems:
Metabolic (fatigue)
Neurological (cognitive dysfunction)
Endocrine (thyroid, adrenal, sex hormones, ADH)
Immune (viral, fungal, bacterial infections, and formation autoantibodies)
Digestive & Gastrointestinal (dysbiosis, leaky gut, malabsorption, food intolerances)




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