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Allow members the option of being considered for one specific pricing tier.

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Update to Petition: For the Spring tour the check box was returned. The petition will be kept open until the Summer Tour to ensure that the Warehouse members are not adversly impacted by another policy change by the Warehouse.

Original Petition: For 2013, fans will now only be permitted to select a preference of tiers, and will be considered for their preferred tier as well as every other lower tier, which will inherently result in many members receiving tickets they do not want. Members of the Warehouse pay an annual fee to enjoy specific benefits, the most important of which is the right to purchase tickets before the general public. The value of this perk is made virtually worthless by the new guidelines, as many members will be forced to purchase undesirable lawn tickets that could easily be obtained independent of the Warehouse. As evidenced by the popularity of the option to choose a specific ticketing tier, many fans would rather be declined than stuck with tickets they do not want, will not use and will have a difficult time selling. This is not a free fan site, we pay an annual membership and lawn tickets for shows that the band is unable to sell out is not a perk.

Many fans, due to age, comfort or disability are only able to enjoy a show from seats. Many fans would rather be declined for tickets rather than stand in the lawn. If the guidelines do not change members will begin to leave the fan club, as we are forced to use Ticketmaster for our ticket purchases. Tours in recent years have not been selling out, and the new ticket guidelines are pushing your loyalest fans further away. Many people were unhappy to be in the rafters during the winter tour, we will not accept lawn for the summer tour.

We have the power to initiate change: using twitter with hashtag #checkboxgate @redlightmgmt & @davematthewsbnd. Email the WH,, or call the WH 434-984-6850 11:00 am - 6 pm ET, M-F

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