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Help me to shut Down the Hero Network

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Good morning, My summer was full of mishaps from my loved ones passing  away to my daughter with Autism who became mentally ill she was in the hospital for several months. I joined Hero Network in 2010 when Dave Girgenti created the group, I sought help and my wish was granted and I also granted others wishes, I came in this month with a wish to raise funds for my family as we exhausted our funds with lodging,gas,food etc. I had no idea that the group was no longer monitored nor did I know the owner filed bankruptcy and just left the group and most of his help also left. To make a long story short I witnessed and have been harassed and stalked and its scaring me,I'm not the only member on there being harassed and stalked.I'm afraid for my own life and the lives of others who come on this site desperate for help,yet are being cyberbullied,name calling etc.. I would like to add that there is  a lot of vulgar abusive language, racial slurs, hatred spewed. Children are being called ugly brats.crazy if they are Autistic. Which is causing the wishers emotional distress The man who created this group and  his moderators should be held responsible for not giving us all a heads up they were leaving those of us who were left in this Hero Network  so that we can't even deactivate our accounts,some of the harassers on Hero Network tell me there is no way out other than to not come visit the site,But that scares me I'm a single mom and my address is out there. Our information was sold...:( And Whoever these guys are they have ways of obtaining your very personal information.They are blocked on my account and still have ways of contacting me!! Don't believe me set up an account but use fake information as I don't know who these guys are and read what and how they say things to the wishers.:( Someone needs to be accountable for this problem. My solution We Stop the madness before someone commits suicide again, over being cyberbullied,By shutting this group down!  Please I urge you to help me end this I got my own health issues and what I saw made me sick,Literally sick. Let's shut  down Hero Network and find out who the bullies are and have them arrested!  Please sign and share share share let's stop these cyber bullies!! We buried enough people from cyberbullies!! In Jesus Name I cry out for you to help me shut them down. Signed Concerned Mom Who's  personal information is out there too.:(

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