Countdown - please stop selling cage eggs!

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My name is Maja Skilling and I am 12 years old. A few years ago I got my own chickens and I started learning about the cruel treatment of cage hens. 

Cage egg farming is a cruel and inhumane farming practice where hens are confined to tiny, barred cages and unable to display any of their natural behaviours, such as dust bathing, scratching, foraging, and stretching their wings. The tips of their beaks are severed to prevent them from pecking other hens out of boredom and stress, and they get sore feet from standing on the sloped, wire floors. It’s a sad and disturbing life for such curious and friendly birds.

New cages called ‘colony cages’ are currently being phased in. However these provide barely any more room than the previous battery cages and hens still can’t display natural behaviour. Although we might think that the cruelty that came with battery cages is gone for good, things haven’t actually improved much for layer hens at all.

I have four chickens of my own, and 2 of them are rescued from cruel cage backgrounds.  Playing with them and observing their natural behaviour shows me that life in any cage would be torture for chickens!  

I may only be a child, but I want to make a difference. I want YOU to join me in persuading Countdown to follow their parent company Woolworths in Australia and stop selling these cage eggs once and for all.

By signing this petition, you’re sending a strong message to Countdown that this cruelty needs to stop. That cage eggs don’t belong on the shelves of a 2016 supermarket. Please sign and share this petition and together we can save the hens! 

Thank you!

NB. My mum Justine has set up this account and petition in my name, and has given me permission to do the petition.

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