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Censea Stop Selling "Frozen" Family Pet Rabbits from CHINA!

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A recent video by the Facebook Page"Glass Walls" shows the horrific way China slaughters bunnies.  WARNING WARNING

this is why Censea needs to stop selling rabbit!! The brand name Censea is owned by Central Seaway Inc.  Central Seaway is a large distribution center of frozen rabbit in Northbook, Il with 250 - 500 employees that mainly sells "Frozen Seafood" from over seas but have decided to put "Frozen Rabbit" on their list to sell.  There are NO humane laws in China, so the rabbits suffer horrifically during their short lives and brutal deaths. In the USA rabbits are NOT mandatory to be "stunned" before slaughter, you can guarantee in China they aren't either.  Rabbit meat from China is also NOT USDA - inspected.  It is sold "dirt cheap" to clients like Fairplay which sells it for $4.69 / lb. and many others in Illinois.  Look what China does to our Angora babies!  They are worse when it comes to meat rabbits.   Censea states the rabbits is USDA Inspected but directly on the USDA website it states it's not.

I've had pet rabbits for over 25+ years.  My own bunny Kringle is a Californian and a meat rabbit.  He's smart and knows words.  Rabbits are companion animals.  They are the 3rd most popular Companion Pet in people's homes.  They give you kisses and follow you around,  plus they are litter-box trained.  There are Pet-Therapy rabbits in Seniors homes and Disabled Veterans Facilities.  It is the Easter Bunny (white fur with pink eyes) that is in their frozen section.  Please Be Their Voice and tell CENSEA to stopping selling our Family Pets!  Sign the Petition and SHARE, SHARE!

Please Contact them;

Central Seaway Company, Inc. 650 Dundee Suite 180, Northbrook, Illinois 60062

Phone: 224-723-5800 Fax: 708-446-9410

Email Dave Bennett: 224.723.5610

Austin Dixon: 224.723.5617

Thank you very much!  Patti Cora

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