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Protect Davao Shrine Hills From Subdivision Development

Large portions of Shrine Hills are geohazards and Highly Unstable to Medium Unstable according to the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Mines and Geosciences Bureau in published maps. The DENR/MGB do not declare any areas there “safe for human habitation,”only “Less Hazardous.” The hills have long been held together naturally by trees and ground cover.

Ground vibrations, earthmoving, re-routing existing water courses, excavating house foundations, canals and subdivision drainages all decrease soil stability. We are all now aware of Climate Change and the combination of drought, yet increasingly heavy Seasonal Rains (Monsoons). Yet, some subdivision developers continue to attempt to build and cement hillsides and flood plains.

Developers assure us that with modern methods, nothing can possibly go wrong (in the short term), if properly utilized and maintained. But, simply take a look at Thailand's recent massive flooding; Look at Matina Pangi’s deadly flooding killing 33 in Davao City and floods and landslide all over the Philippines killing thousands to discover that these risks are best managed by avoiding them.

Our City Government must not be tempted to take chances with the lives of the People. It should never be in the cards but in the Welfare of the People that environmental, zoning, city development and subdivision placement decisions are made.

Gambling with lives and welfare of the People? The evidences of past disasters must lead responsible city government leaders to the humanitarian conclusion that it's not about business risk or loss but rather humanitarian considerations of the loss of human life and elected government's personal individual moral and legal responsibility for the welfare of the people.

Shrine Hills must ever be a natural symbol and reminder of the vision and morality that Nature demands of us and the consequences of its violation. Shrine Hills are Critical to Davao City’s sustainability and competiveness for business and employment, natural beauty, habitat, environmental benefits, quality of life and the future of Davao.

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