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Stop Daum Games from changing BlackDesertOnline to P2W Model With CashShop Market Listings

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Dear Pearl Abyss and Daum Games,


I’ve been a proud consumer of Black Desert Online since day one. I pre-ordered the game, and played launch day like everyone else. I chose this game for multiple reasons, some of which are the combat system, the PvP, and the non-p2w aspect of the game promised. During the last few months, you guys have done some sketchy moves as a business, slowly leading toward this point and I urge you to STOP now while you can. You released sellable dyes days before the Merv’s Pallet came out. You released a value pack which directly puts an increase on silver generated in the game. Unfortunately, this I can deal with but what you have proposed now I cannot.


Many people on the forums love to scream pay to win, to every small item in the game. Whether it be costumes, pets, the value pack, etc. I would like to say there has been nothing “True” pay to win in this game as of yet. “True” pay to win, by definition, is the ability to purchase instant items that will allow you to progress to the end of the game. Examples of this would be:

·         Purchasing Silver to Purchase End game gear instantly normally that would take weeks to get.

·         Purchasing an item to reach level 60 instantly.

·         Purchasing Boss armor directly for real life cash.

What pay to win is not:

·         Purchasing an item that shaves 5 hours off a 100-hour grind.

·         Purchasing an item that cuts 10% time off a grind for exp.

·         Purchasing an item that allows you to get rewarded a small amount more.


Recently you have added the value pack, which does some of the points in the non “True” pay to win bullet points listed above. Though many players outraged at the idea, myself not included, it seems that it will stay in the game as is, and personally people will get used to it and you will not lose many players over it. This recent proposed change though, it is a whole different ball park as the value pack or sellable dyes.

By placing this “feature” in the game, you are allowing players to purchase their silver directly at you, even if there is a cap. You are allowing players to get a free fifty to two hundred and fifty million silver per week, in result becoming two hundred to one BILLION silver per month. With two hundred million silver, I could buy a piece of boss armor from the black market. With one billion silver, I could buy a whole set of boss armor within a month, and probably get it to “+15” to “Tri”. This is unacceptable.

Your company Daum Games has stated in the past many times before that this game will NOT become pay to win. You will NOT add “Valk Cry’s”, because the aspect of paying for fail stacks is too pay to win. You will leave the game as a buy to play model, and because of that model we will never go in the direction of pay to win free to play games as other countless Korean games are. Though this may sound harsh, YOU HAVE LIED. If this change goes into effect, it will be repeating the same actions as a very great game many once knew as Archeage. Daum I plead you to learn from other companies’ mistakes, and do not lose a high percentage of your player base for short term profit. I love this game, and I have never thought of requesting my money back, until now. I have had no problem with all the previous changes made, but this is the first and only change I will not take.

I like many other players have invested hundreds of dollars into this game. For me personally I have invested five hundred and ninety dollars. Many people over exaggerate on how much they have spent on this game, but with this change, I have reviewed my pay pals purchase history, and I added everything up to arrive to that number. Let me show you some simple math.

If 1,000 players each invested 100$ into this game, and this change caused all of them to charge back their paid money, you will effectively be 100,000$ shorter. I do not believe your player-base consist of only 1000 players, and I am sure many like myself have invested much more than 100$ in this game. Please I urge you to fight against PA and put your foot down and tell them NO is NO.

As a community we DO NOT want this change in OUR GAME. WE are the CONSUMERS. We are the players who escape reality to enjoy Black Desert Online whether it’s a few hours a day, or many per day. We are the players who invest in the game we LOVE so much. Do NOT make that LOVE into HATE for your company. We as a community have already endured shady business decisions from you AND Pearl Abyss and enough is enough.


Below you can find a petition created for everyone to sign. Please review this letter with an open heart and mind. I have tried to my upmost to be respectful and understanding in this letter.


Thank you,


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