DCAM Engineering personnel licensing fees increase - please RE-CONSIDER!!

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Dear Dato Sri Azharuddin,

Aircraft maintenance professionals has been a major contributor in ensuring safer flights across the country. Be it in the general aviation or commercial sectors, we have and will always take the safety of the aircrafts and passengers as our priority.

However, with the current economic downturns which saw our comrades being lay-offs from doing something they love and have to do several jobs just to make a living. Its really disheartening when we heard about the sudden increase of licensing fees on engineering personnel that was proposed yesterday. This move will affect us directly.

Therefore, we can no longer be silence about it - we are now breaking our silence so that you will know and ... listen to us with your heart  

So that you will re-consider the proposed increase of licensing fees towards us and the "young souls" of this great profession.

Cheers :)

ninermike 9M


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