Relocate the Giro D'Italia race from Israel.

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Dato' Amarjit Singh,
Malaysia Representative to The Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI)

Dear Dato'

*Relocate the Giro D'Italia race from Israel*

I hope you will convey to the UCI our disagreement with the decision to start the above race in Israel on 4 May 2018.
Israel is an apartheid state and does not deserve to be part of the prestigious Giro D'Italia.

The decision to start the race in Jerusalem is a BIG mistake because Giro d’Italia is reinforcing Israel's illegal claim of sovereignty over the city of Jerusalem, when no country recognises Israel's sovereignty over East Jerusalem nor any part of Jerusalem, East or West, as Israel's capital.

Giro d’Italia’s dishonest insistence on keeping politics out of sport has proven to be nothing more than lip service to deflect criticism for its acceptance of a large Israeli bribe in return for politicizing the race and using its name to whitewash human rights violations.

It is time for the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the world cycling body which has remained on the sidelines from the start, to step in and take measures to avoid tarnishing one of the world’s most beloved cycling races. Giro d’Italia's Plan B must be put into effect immediately by relocating the race.

Thank you Dato'.

Warm regards,

Professor Nazari Ismail


BDS Malaysia