To reduce CIWG Fees for DASA 2017-2018 to that of resident students.

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As you all may have noticed by now, VNIT updated their brochure for DASA 2017-2018 admissions on their official site ( )

The CIWG scheme, implemented last year, offered reduced fees for Engineering students. Almost on par with that of resident Indian students.

Most of us aspiring candidates, worked hard during the last year, to get satisfactory SAT2 scores that would allow us to get into premier colleges through this scheme.

Now out of nowhere, at the last minute, DASA changes the game, yet again and has increased the CIWG fees to the normal high DASA fees( From $700 per semester to $4000 per semester) Now, not only is it too late for many of us to register for other entrances, but this hike in fees creates financial problems for many of us.

Also as per AICTE notification New Delhi of 21st January, 2004 issued vide Gazette notification No: F-37- 3/legal/2004 dated: 21st January, 2004, the fee is supposed to be on par with Indian students.

With this new fee structure, one would have to come to the conclusion that there is next to no difference applying either as a CIWG candidate or as a DASA candidate and in fact there would be more advantage in applying as a DASA candidate as 2/3rd of the seats reserved are open to us then.

Join me and help me bring this to DASA's attention so that MAYBE and just MAYBE they might return the fee structure to the same level as last year's.

I sincerely hope, there has been some misunderstanding somewhere about the fees and that it would be rectified soon. Many of us, who put our entire time and effort into SAT so that we could be eligible for the reduced fees offered by CIWG,will be crushed by this change in fee structure. We haven't even prepared for additional entrances and banked all our hopes on this golden opportunity.

Thank you for reading.

Siddharth Pandalai

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