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Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC): Stop the cover up and do the right thing.

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I loved being a doctor.  It was my dream.  I was the first person in my family to go to medical school.  I was so excited about being able to help people through medicine. Just like any other doctor, I sacrificed and worked hard to get into a great radiology residency at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center (DHMC), in New Hampshire.

My dream quickly became a nightmare once I arrived at DHMC. There are no words to fully explain the horrendous situation I had to endure while I was there. It was clear at some point that I was being treated differently than the rest of the residents and that I was no longer wanted in the program.  While this was unfortunate, things happen and this could have been dealt with professionally.

However, what DHMC chose to do was to intimidate, harass and threaten me into leaving the residency program.  When I complained about it to Human Resources, they retaliated against me.  I was given an ultimatum; to resign without any assistance or help from them in finding another residency position or be terminated.  I refused to resign from a position that I knew I was capable of doing so they eventually terminated me.  It took them a few months and they even put me on “academic leave” without telling me exactly what that was or why I was on it. They basically needed time to come up with valid reasons to fire me. They never did.

Their reasons for terminating my employment changed so many times.  I was told at first that it was because of my medical condition.  Then I was told it was because I was “unqualified” to perform the duties of a resident.  Even though I was never on probation, remediation or relieved of my on call duties. All of the excuses they gave me are unfair and untrue.  

I strongly believe DHMC violated both my civil rights and my ADA rights through discrimination, harassment, retaliation and eventually wrongful termination.

Unfortunately my dream became a nightmare and it was all 100 percent preventable.  It has been nearly two years and DHMC still continues to deny doing anything wrong.  At the very least, what they did was unprofessional, egregious and mean.  This constant denial makes me worried that they will do this again because you cannot change what you do not acknowledge. 

Please take the time to read my petition letter and consider supporting my effort to bring awareness to what this hospital has done to me and my career.  I believe that it is too late to save my career but I hope that this petition will let DHMC know that what they did was WRONG.  


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