Refuse to renew the medical license of Dr. Klopfer and revoke the license of his clinic.

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Refuse to renew the medical license of Dr. Klopfer and revoke the license of his clinic.

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Dr. Klopfer has continually failed to follow the law.  He has failed to comply with the criminal laws of Indiana and the Health Code applicable to his operations  He has two pending criminal cases brought against him in the past two years. For five years he has continually violated Health Code Rules such as utilizing out-dated medications, failing to have qualified staff overseeing the sedation of patients and monitoring patients in recovery, reliance upon the services of an unlicensed “nurse,” failing to have staff who are certified in basic CPR in case of an emergency, failing to have an infection control plan, failing to have the required plan for patient safety during a power outage, and other improper acts and omissions identified by the Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH) and the Medical Licensing Board. These are medically significant problems that endanger patient welfare.  The lawlessness of Dr. Klopfer is exemplified by his insistence that these violations and charges are just “recordkeeping” infractions brought by anti-abortion activists. Given his defense for these mounting violations, there clearly is going to be no change.  The concerned pro-life and pro-choice citizenry are deeply concerned over this pattern of lawlessness, and it is the citizenry’s only hope that the state will do its duty and revoke the licenses of Dr. Klopfer and the Women’s Pavilion.

People of all beliefs and political persuasion should support this petition because the rule of law matters.  The Women’s Pavilion endangers women’s health every day by its failure to adhere to minimum standards for patient care.  There should be no exception for abortionists.  Your signature can make a difference because Dr. Klopfer’s medical license is up for renewal and the licensing board has received many, many complaints.  Also, the misconduct on the part of Dr. Klopfer and his operation has been documented by the Indiana Department of Health and closure of the facility has been recommended.  Therefore, a citizenry interested in government officials enforcing the law when violations are found will be particularly effective at this time.

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