Stop Polluting Marina!

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The City of Marina, in California, is growing and developing due to the closure of Fort Ord and the successful launch of CSUMB (Cal State University of Monterey Bay).

A property called Armstrong Ranch borders Marina to the north off Del Monte Blvd. It was family-owned and only had a few cows roaming on it for the last 50 years. Pristine natural land with Del Monte Blvd on its West border and Marina on its South border.

The city developed a running trail alongside Del Monte Blvd which borders Armstrong Ranch, as well as a neighborhood of homes and apartments along its southern border. Being so close to the Pacific Ocean, with fresh clean air, wild flowers, and wildlife, it was a great asset for running, biking, and family walks with dogs, etc. 

In 2006, a development was being planned with the city of Marina to build many homes and develop Armstrong Ranch. An endangered lizard was discovered and the project was aborted. A few years later, the owners of Armstrong Ranch leased the land to farmers and growers and they began to grow a small area of strawberries. 

But as time has passed, the farmers have crept so close to the homes along its border, acquiring more and more land, that gophers and field mice have been relocated and have been pushed into the homes and nearby neighborhoods or killed. The manure and bad smells and defoliants being sprayed are so strong and toxic, that they are only being applied at night to avoid complaints and concerns of the residents. Dirt blows on the neighborhood because it is no longer being secured by natural habitats and grass that existed before. They claim to be certified organic farmers but the smell is so bad it’s offensive.

Where seabreezes and fresh air once existed; blowing dirt, manure, pesticides and defoliants have replaced the once pristine and clean area; into the homes, apartments and exercise trail.

On Saturday, of this last Thanksgiving weekend, they used large tractors and started disc’ing the land to the edge, tilling the soil —within feet of the homes, city streets, and Olsen Elementary School. Complaints were taken to the city and they said they didn’t have permits to farm that tract of land. But they have started anyway.

And, there is NO word on what has happened to the endangered lizard that was found before.

STOP the farming and destruction of these pristine areas! STOP the killing of a natural habitat where falcons, birds, field animals are living. STOP the pesticides and unhealthy living conditions for residents and an elementary school. Please help STOP the sprawl of farming, and destroying the health of Marina.