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Return Dr. Rangel, OUR Principal, back to Maya Angelou High School, Fine Arts Academy!

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Our Principal is MISSING! We demand answers from LAUSD!


Where is Dr Rangel, Principal of Maya Angelou Community High School, Fine and Performing Arts Academy?  Students and staff showed up to school today, and once again our Principal is not at work!  Teachers from Maya Angelou have met with officials from the Los Angeles Unified School District Officials who refuse to answer their questions!  So we have no choice but to ask publicly!

If anyone knows about the amazing work she has done at Maya Angelou Community High School you will know why the great majority of the students, parents and her staff want to know when she is returning. In just six months as principal she improved our school tremendously!  Her unquestioned commitment to our school and community have made the following possible:

1. Monthly Parent Academy Meetings (parent involvement increased over 95% from prior years)

2. Academic Portfolios which included résumes, college statements, career readiness work, etc., for ALL students

3. Monthly Academic Recognition Awards (had never taken place prior to her coming to this school)

4. Student Advocates for School Excellence Program which is composed of FPA students that met with her on a weekly basis, which for the first time in our history, allow us to have a voice in academy-wide decisions. 

5. Quarterly Meetings with parents of students with Special Needs, trainings, workshops and inclusive parent involvement.

6. Partnerships with the San Miguel Foundation, FindATree, DeVry, and LA TradeTech College. The school plan called for partnerships, but Rangel made it happen when the former Principal could not do so for two years!

7. Implementation of the Health Ambassadors Program which allows all of us to learn how to manage our own health and gain guidance on what it takes to make a community-wide change in health behaviors.  

8. The first ever Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA) at the School

9. Establishment of a Family and Community Engagement Center

10. Quarterly Progress Checks that allow parents to see our progress in areas like attendance, behavior, credits, grades, parent participation, etc.


These are only but a few of the examples of what has been happening at the Fine Arts Academy.  The school and community deserves a Principal that is willing to work this hard for its students and community!  We are demanding that LAUSD return her to the students and teachers of Maya Angelou Community High School.  

For two years this school dealt with a Principal that did not do even half of what Dr. Rangel has already done in six months, and now LAUSD will not tell us, its students and teachers, what it has done to OUR Principal.  LAUSD officials are accountable to its communities and schools and will not get away with destroying another school!  

Dr. Darnise R. Williams, Mr. Eugene Hernandez and Mr. Roberto Martinez, where is OUR principal?  We will not remain silent!  Return our Principal NOW!  

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