Create a Classic-Velious (or Luclin) TLP

Create a Classic-Velious (or Luclin) TLP

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Bellz Washburn started this petition to Darkpaw Games

Dear Darkpaw Games,

And on behalf of the fans of EverQuest and Classic EverQuest.

You have made multiple Time locked Progression servers, While they are extremely enjoyable, The entertainment factor drops off after the release of Planes of Power and beyond. 

Yet, The team behind the TLPs continue to remake them over and over. Everytime, The server population dies out either after the launch a certain era or a new TLP is released. I hypothesize that it has to do with the era in which the game is set.

Many people share the sentiment that the game becomes watered down and just downright boring post-Planes of Power. Although the raids are a great enjoyment, the plane of knowledge seems to make Druids and Wizard nullified and Gear values became unbearably large.These are but a few of many examples of how planes of power watered down the game. That does not make the expansion bad. 


With the recent launch of Project 1999 Green and Teal, It has become apparent that the community enjoys Pre-PoP. 

"Just play on Project 1999!" I can hear you say, But after speaking to a few people, I have learned that the QoL changes from the live version of the game are loved, Project 1999 is a emulation of the old version of the game, Taking away the QoL changes, Enabling Corpse Recovery, The Experience rates and Graphics.

We all tend to love P99, but there are many also that don't like certain aspects of p99. Some wanted it "more classic" Thus the green server. Some dislike the removing of a lot of the QoL stuff that was on p99 forever yet got yanked. I see nothing wrong with the wish for Daybreak themselves making something to fill that niche void.

What I am proposing is a TLP that lasts 6-12 Months per expansion, Locking in Velious or Luclin. This could be very Frugal for the company and would ensure that people stay after subscribing.

We honestly just want a home for people who have jobs, families and want to see end game content.

This game is awesome, But if our only option for playing the game we know and love is P99, we don't want to. we hate logging in after a long day at work, just to get set up and die. Having to CR. Taking up our whole evening. Having to organize spell books wasting precious time, Dealing with poopsocking, Powerplayers and guilds that batphone when it's raid night and you've been thinking about it all day. And P99 using the old school EXP rates, The time to level is just ludicrous for the amount of time someone with a fulltime job who wants to experience content at a reasonable pace, And 3Months is too fast.

We loved Lockjaw, 6 Months for Classic-Velious, If only it was instanced like the newer ones are.

They know what the players want, They just know they can cash out on people coming and going during the era they want. 

Please make this happen. 

-Life long fan of EverQuest. 



-After talking to people in support, I forgot to mention in the proposal; Truebox and instanced, Like previous TLPs. Some people mentioned no Kronos. That is something (Me personally) can take or leave.  And a lot prefer Velious lock over Luclin.

-With the recent passing of Brad McQuaid, Knowing that Velious was the last expansion he had his influence in, The velious era was the EverQuest HE envisioned. I think if this TLP happens, It should be named "Aradune"


Let's keep on signing, We want to see this happen =D

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