Save the rights of Darien IL chicken owners

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My family,  like many others chose to use our stimulus money to buy backyard chickens. Darien IL currently allows residents to own hens. A few weeks ago I had to rehome my rooster due to noise, of which I willingly obliged. We currently have 6 hens who will soon be providing 6 eggs per day. We also now homeschool our children.  The chickens are a large part of our homeschooling. The children learn responsibility along with pride in knowing they can care for chickens. 

One local legislator  is looking to change the laws to eliminate backyard chickens in darien all together.  His only reasoning is the noise of the rooster we no longer have.  Please sign and share this petition far and wide if you stand by me and my chickens.  

We took a financial hit after COVID-19 as I was found unemployed for months.  We easily qualify for many financial services,  but instead we found other ways to supplementally feed our family and enrich our homeschooling.  In my opinion we have really made the best of a bad situation!