Keep Northcote Golf Course open to the public

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Melbourne’s second lockdown has highlighted the need for open access to the Northcote Golf Course parkland. In this high-density area, Darebin and nearby Moreland councils have some of the worst access to open green space per capita.

It has been a revelation to experience the wonder and beauty of this park.

A recent survey of 2,277 people revealed we had over 3,800 visits to the park each week, with hundreds more visiting daily. According to Darebin Council, the course averages 18,000 rounds of golf per year - less than 350 people a week.

Access to open green space benefits mental health and wellbeing, creativity, care for the environment and each other, resilience, and recovery. The survey results also demonstrate the strong positive impact access to this space is having for local people. 

This is public land owned by Darebin City Council, yet Council pays $140,000 each year to private property managers to maintain the golf course exclusively for small numbers of people and subsidise their golfing fees. Less than half of the members live in Darebin and 86% are men. The club has been withering for years. 

Our survey results show 85% of local people want the park converted to uses other than just golf. It's time for the local community to reclaim the wonderful site. 

Add your name to this petition to tell Darebin Council that you want local people to have vital access to our public land.