Stop the Killing - Danville Area Humane Society

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The Danville Area Humane Society (DAHS) has been in the top five highest euthanizing shelters in Virginia since 2005, taking the lives of more than 55,000 dogs and cats.

In 2018 it ranked 24th out of more than 400 shelters for the number of animals it took in. But it ranked 4th for euthanisia.

In 2019, Virginia's public shelters collectively had a euthanasia rate for dogs of just 9% and 23% for cats. DAHS in 2019 euthanized 45% of the dogs it took in and 80% of the cats.

DAHS has been offered numerous opportunities to stop the killing. Instead it blames surrounding shelters for implementing proven ,successful and progressive intake and management practices and refuses to embrace lifesaving opportunities itself.

DAHS also regularly transfers animals to PETA which also regularly ranks in the top five highest euthanizing shelters in Virginia.

DAHS, without proof or data, continues to tell the community that progressive sheltering programs do not work, despite evidence to the contrary at the local, regional and national levels.

The Danville City Council has paid DAHS almost $600,000 since FY 2016 to run its shelter while DAHS remains one of the highest euthanizing shelters in Virginia.

Insist that the City Council:

Demand new leadership at DAHS if their contract with the City is to remain in place;

Implement lifesaving performance measures that do NOT permit the transfer of DAHS animals to other high euthanzing shelters;

Allow for other organizations to bid on the contract to run the City's shelter.

It's time for the killing to STOP.