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We the people are asking for the DOJ and the FBI to take over the investigation in the Dante Romannose-Jones case. We feel that the entire investigation is surrounded by what seems to be a lack of a proper investigation.  

Dante Romannose-Jones, born on Valentine’s Day 2002, Dante was 13 when he was gunned down in May 2015 in a residential area in Klamath, California. The Del Norte County Sheriff’s office charged a 16-year-old boy several days later, but the District Attorney dropped the charges in mid January 2016, due to lack of evidence (WE QUESTION THAT).

This happened on reservation land, there are surveillance cameras, there are  witnesses that have not been interviewed. There is so much evidence and nothing is being done.  We don’t know if the FBI was contacted or not, usually reservation land falls under their jurisdiction. There are many unanswered questions. The County where the murder took place has very few Homicides, from 2002 - 2014 there were only had 3. We question how experienced the Sheriff's office could be investigating a murder. The Del Norte County Sheriff's office has already had problems with collecting evidence which lead to the District Attorney having to drop charges on other cases.

We are angered at the local justice system and feel they have failed our family and the community. We truly feel this investigation was handled improperly. We feel if the FBI took over this investigation, we could finally get answers. We question the forensic aspect of the case. There were eye witnesses and very compelling evidence. We are not sure why the District Attorney decided to not to try this case, but we have our suspicions.

There is much more to this case than meets the eye.  We need to get justice for our 13 year old son, brother, cousin, friend.  He was a sweet little boy who loved the beach.  The FBI is needed to bring answers so we can have closure and Justice for all. Please help this family put an end to all the unanswered questions. We need peace and closure.  This case could very easily sit on a shelf in a closet and never be solved without the FBI, we know this! What if this was your child!!

Please go to our website listed below. You will find more information on our cause.  There is an "Articles" tab at the top, please read the articles for more information on why we need the FBI to step in.

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