Danone: Plastic pollution in Indonesia, please stop Aqua single use water plastic cups!

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So #Danone, how much of these 115 cups were your Aqua plastic cups? As u are the biggest producer and distributor in Indonesia...??? @AquaDanone

Alors #Danone, Combien de ces 115 verres jetables en plastique viennent de chez vous? Puisque vous êtes le + grand producteur et distributeur en Indonésie...??? @AquaDanone

Jadi #Danone, berapa banyak dari 115 gelas ini adalah gelas plastik air Aqua Anda? Sebagai anda produser dan distributor yang terbesar di Indonesia ...??? @AquaDanone

Dear Danone Team,

In Indonesia most of the plastic trashes are either directly burned either ends up in landfills. A big part of it also ends up in nature and our ocean as we all know, killing marine life like sperm whales and  also making it back in our food chain. Recent studies have found microplastics in alarming quantities, notably in sea salt and sea food in general.  A very small minority end up as construction material and pallets, probably the best although they will too one day, ultimately decompose into microplastics.

Now we understand cutting plastic at one would be challenging, however with this letter I would like to address a particularly destructive item in Indonesia: THE 240ML PLASTIC CUPS. It is unfortunately one of the biggest polluter in Indonesia. This packaging cannot be reused, and ends up in alarming quantities in Indonesian nature and in our ocean. The lack of government infrastructure and people education results in a huge amount of these items being discarded everywhere; Indonesia is one of the biggest contributor of plastic pollution, and it is a dramatic and sad sight to see Danone taking such a huge part of it through it's brand Aqua.
One decision that could have a major impact would be to remove the usage of these plastic cups from your assortment.

 I do understand the need for Danone to maintain the highest level of profitability, but I would like to highlight here that there is a greater need for humanity to develop with reason and sustainability. Nothing could be more damaging than a global catastrophe resulting from our inability to respond to the global challenge ahead of us. In the coming years and decade, we will write our history and leave our heritage; I am sure that we all want it to be a good one, for us, and our children. I am calling on your conscience, and intelligence to help us make this world better.