Free the 16-year-old Transgender Girl Currently Incarcerated in an Adult Prison Without Criminal Charges

Free the 16-year-old Transgender Girl Currently Incarcerated in an Adult Prison Without Criminal Charges

April 16, 2014
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Started by Yale Undergraduate Prison Project

A 16 year old transgender girl in Connecticut (known as "Jane Doe") has been incarcerated in an adult prison even though she has not been convicted or charged with any crime. Doe was living in a treatment home for traumatized youth under the custody of the state Department of Children and Family (DCF.) Authorities allege that she assaulted a staffer in the facility, but no criminal charges are pending against her. The DCF's decision to transfer her straight into an adult prison sets a dangerous, inhumane and unjust precedent. 

The teen has been placed in SOLITARY CONFINEMENT for almost two weeks at York Correctional Institute for adult women in Niantic, CT. She has not been receiving any treatment or educational training while at York. In her affidavit (full link below) Doe writes: "I can feel myself growing more and more isolated, frustrated, and feeling alone in my current isolation… I don't think being placed in isolation or in a male facility would be in my best interst or prepare me to re-enter the community. I need to be given treatment and services specific to my needs. I need to deal with the trauma I've experienced in my life. This prison cannot do that for me."

The Department of Correction is considering transferring Jane Doe to Manson Correctional Institute, a prison for males up to age 20. Doe's gender identity means that transferring her to a men's facility would put her life in danger as well as put her at extremely high risk for abuse and sexual assault. 

We must stand with Jane Doe and ensure she receives justice. Please sign this petition, and in addition, consider doing some of the following things:

1. RALLY outside DCF in Hartford, CT on Friday, 4/25 at 1pm! Facebook event here:

2. Contact Governor Dannel Malloy and tell him that this teen should be released from prison, returned to state custody, and placed in a juvenile facility with youth of her expressed, not assigned, gender. Email him at and call him at (800) 406-1527. 

3. Share info about this with everyone you know! Public pressure in the face of these injustices goes a LONG way. Use the hashtag #JusticeForJane and tweet at @Justice4JaneCT

For more information about the case:,0,7666409,full.story

Petition Closed

This petition had 20,355 supporters

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