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Petitioning Police Chief South-Zealand, Denmark Lene Frank and 6 others

Danish police: Shut Down Danish Hovawart Puppy Mill And Rescue 40 Hovawart Dogs

To shut down the Danish puppy mill "Hof-Joy", otherwise know as "" once and for all. Let animal welfare organizations take over and rescue the 40 remaining Hovawart dogs.

Letter to
Police Chief South-Zealand, Denmark Lene Frank
Mayor of Faxe Knud Erik Hansen
Member of Town Council Inger Andersen
and 4 others
Member of Town Council Nelle Søndermand
Member of Town Council Nellie Bradsted Pedersen
Member of Town Council Dorte Nybjerg
Danish Minister of Agriculture and Animal Welfare Mette Gjerskov
To the Danish Police and Danish autorities,

Recently you found 40 Hovawart dogs living in horrible conditions in the Danish puppy mill "Hof-Joy" in Haslev. As you very well know, they been producing sick puppies for many years. They have even been closed down before but were always able to start again. The first time their license was revoked goes even back to 2007.

I am glad you have visited the puppy mill and have taken action. I do wonder though since you found dogs that were in bad shape - hungry and severely underweight, with no human contact and living in their own filth - that the owners again were given the opportunity until February 1 to bring the population down to 10.

Please help to stop the suffering of the 40 dogs, and bring in the Danish animal welfare association ("Dyrens Beskyttelse") already now. Don't wait to February 1 and give them an opportunity to escape and start over. Because they will, as they have done in the past. Also, it is unknown if the 40 dogs will make it until that time.

The 40 dogs should be in the care of the Danish animal welfare association as soon as possible. The owners cannot care for them, the past has proven that.

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