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Petitioning Police Chief South-Zealand, Denmark Lene Frank and 6 others

Danish police: Shut Down Danish Hovawart Puppy Mill And Rescue 40 Hovawart Dogs

To shut down the Danish puppy mill "Hof-Joy", otherwise know as "" once and for all. Let animal welfare organizations take over and rescue the 40 remaining Hovawart dogs.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Police Chief South-Zealand, Denmark
    Lene Frank
  • Mayor of Faxe
    Knud Erik Hansen
  • Member of Town Council
    Inger Andersen
  • Member of Town Council
    Nelle Søndermand
  • Member of Town Council
    Nellie Bradsted Pedersen
  • Member of Town Council
    Dorte Nybjerg
  • Danish Minister of Agriculture and Animal Welfare
    Mette Gjerskov

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