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Fox meat on Gravesend butcher shop menu

Fox meat has been specially imported from Denmark and Sweden to a butcher shop in Kent. Please read more:

Denmark has very few foxes back and it's a scandal they are being sold as meat.

Please sign the letter addressed to the Minister for Justice, Minister for Food, the Food Administration and the  Danish newspaper Politiken Thank you    

Letter to
Newspaper Politiken
Minister for Justice Lars Barfoed
Minister for Food Henrik Hoegh
and 1 other
Denmark Food Administration
With dismay I have read Denmark exports fox meat to England and it is sold from a butcher shop in Kent.

Please read this article

Enclosed is also the contact for the butcher shop

I ask you to investigate this and stop it. I’m sure it is illegal.

There are so few predators in Denmark and those we have to protect.

I thank you for taking the time to read this letter

I would welcome a response from you

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