Educating our children for racial equality

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Indigenous culture is not taught in Australian primary schools, and should form a part of the Australian National Curriculum.

Racial inequality is systemic and begins early. To address it, and alter this, we need to teach all Australian children from a young age, the simple principles of Aboriginal culture and law alongside any other (inherent) belief systems taught.

To be clear, this curriculum would not be categorised as history or anthropology. Aboriginal culture is alive, and can inform our ways of thinking positively when applied to a myriad of other disciplines. Especially with regard to sustainable systems and ways of living on the planet.

We propose a place created in the Australian National Curriculum for Aboriginal Culture for the school year commencing 2021. Aboriginal educators have already created extensive learning resources for both young students and teachers, that would be easily adapted to this end.*

The effect of doing this is two-fold;

1. Non-indigenous Australians have an intrinsic understanding of the indigenous worldview, beneficial to their own education as Australians.

2. Indigenous Australians are afforded the respect and acknowledgement of their worldview that they are entitled to as the First Nations People and custodians of this country.

There are only positive ramifications for the future of a population that grows up with an intrinsic understanding of Australian indigenous culture. While there are other initiatives working to combat the worst of racial inequality in this country; incarceration and deaths in custody, this initiative addresses the issue from the outset.

*This petition has the support of Indigenous educator Nola Turner-Jensen who runs the leading accredited online Aboriginal learning resource Crackerjack Education. Nola's experience and resources are integral to this initiative.  

Black people have asked white people to use our privilege, at this time, to take action where we can. This is an action. Please be a part of it by signing this petition, and help create peaceful, systemic change that we'll all benefit from.