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Please push a permanent patch/update to allow us unlock our verizon galaxy note 3 bootloaders.

For years the android development has had a influential voice to the android market share you both hear. All we ask is to let us use our devices to its full potential, and let the bootloader unlock be through you. People are going out of their way and purchasing a 700$+ phone directly from samsung just to be free, just to be free and do whatever they want with the device. No limitations. It is so disappointing that i'm going to have to cancel my service like many others just because you wont let us developers do what we want/modify our property. So it is to you guys to figure out a solution or a huge chunk of people are going to turn its backs on samsung and verizon. Just because of the locked bootloader. Lets make a locked bootloader a thing of the past for the verizon galaxy note 3! Let your customers have a choice, or they will be forced to make a unfortunate decision to switch from your awesome network.

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