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University of Iowa, Release William the Goat to Sanctuary!

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William the Goat made a heroic bid for freedom. He recently escaped the confines of the University of Iowa research program where he was being used for orthopedic research, in experiments that involve pain. Like all animals, like you and me and the cats and dogs we share our homes with, William just wants to live a good life, happy in the embrace of friends and family. Goats are herd animals who suffer when away from the rest of the group. His life must have been miserable to have voluntarily fled the only “home” he knew, to strike off on his own looking for something better.
He has now been recaptured and, although individuals and accredited rescue groups, such as New Life Animal Sanctuary, have come forward offering to take William and cover all costs of care and transportation, the University of Iowa is refusing to release him. In a statement wherein they refer to him as “it”, they claim to take the care of the animals in their care seriously. Animals are not "its" so how serious can they be?

We ask the University of Iowa to do the right thing and immediately start making arrangements to transfer this brave goat an accredited sanctuary, to people who care and will let him live the rest of his life in peace, happiness, free from pain and torment.

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