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protect your children and re-appraise your support of the new 'Slaughter Law' which exposes them to abuse and violence

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This petition was started by Occupy for Animals on 2nd of October, 2013 and is addressed to Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church. 

The message that you can read below and which will be sent instantly to the Romanian Orthodox Church, explains the object of the petition. 

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Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church

It was with great sadness that we have learned that You, together with many of your priests, would approve the killing of all of Romania's homeless dog, who we believe are God's creation, too...

 And in this context we would like to remind you of the words of Romanian Eastern Orthodox priest, theologian, academic, and professor, Father Dimitru Staniloae: 

"(The saint's) consideration extends even to animals and to things, because in every creature he sees a gift of God's love, and does not wish to wound that love by treating His gifts with negligence or indifference."

-- Fr Dimitru Staniloae 

We stand as fellow human beings bound together by a shared compassion and sense of justice - of such are made the building blocks of civilization - and the 25th of September, 2013 - the day your Constitutional Court voted for the 'slaughter law' - was one of those rare moments in history where species separation was determined by the abuse of power of a handful of individuals.

Species separation has been historically determined by Man. From the religious concept of 'soul' through Immanuel Kant's 'autonomous abilities'. But when the definition seeking is over and all the books are closed, differentiation melts into the loving warmth expressed between a child and his companion, between those who are lonely and their best friend and the family of five who know that really they are six. 

By giving your support for the mass-eradication of many hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of innocent creatures, you have not only betrayed the dogs, but also your very own God, who created them.  

By giving your support for their mass-eradication you have not only become complicit in the suffering and ultimately the horrible death that these innocent creatures now have to face; you are also co-responsible for the death of at least three people, so far. 

This "legislation" has polarized Romania's society and made it dangerously divisive. It had to be expected that millions of animal lovers would seek to protect their own animals or the animals they 'protect' on the streets. Millions! It had to be expected that half a country would seek to defend and protect and the other half would seek to aggress.

Three people have died so far. And it's only the beginning. One can only stand and watch now and wait while the death count gets higher! 

Death is all around. It can be seen everywhere. It is palpable. But there is a hidden death. Invisible but deeper. Children born with natural regard and compassion for living creatures are exposed to these horrors. To protect themselves from emotional pain of seeing such abuse, they desensitize to them. They shut off their feelings of empathy and compassion. Once lost... never regained. 

A society exists now where regard for others is being washed away by the grotesque visions seen on the streets and the inadequacies and irresponsibilities of a government and the Orthodox Church who preside over a new kind of theft, much more obscene. The theft of children's innocence and ability to care! Ability to exercise compassion and empathy. Humanity lies weeping in the corner at such a betrayal of trust! 

There is now a massive body of research being introduced into Eastern Europe with a program called 'Making the Link', which is a major collaboration of international organisations, academics and world leading experts in THE LINK between exposure to animal abuse and the resulting effect on children's psychological health and development.  

The 'Making the Link' Study and Project Group claims that one of the effects of children being exposed to animal abuse is that the children begin to desensitize to protect their emotions. For the child who daily sees such abuse... such atrocities, the human mind invokes a clever self-protection mechanism. It progressively desensitizes to the stimuli which cause so much emotional pain. It switches off to the horror!

And, unfortunately, one of the effects of this desensitization is that they begin to lose the ability to be empathic to both animals and people. This is nature's protection process.

But if a person can not now be empathic, how can they exhibit the central requirement of ALL religions? How can they find God? 

What has been taken from them by the irresponsibility of your government?

Maybe you did not know this before, but you know now. And we are sure that you would not also want to be complicit and co-responsible in exposing innocent children to uncontrolled animal abuse and which will inevitably affect their psychological health, their ability to experience and express compassion and empathy and consequently their ability to access their spirituality - and THIS in addition to your co-responsibility in the murder of all these innocent creatures of God (the dogs) and the deaths of those people who have already died and those to come.

At the end of the Divine Liturgy at the Patriarchal Cathedral on the day of the Virgin Birth, you've said:  

"We pray to the Virgin to bring peace to families, peace to people, peace between peoples and to protect families and children who are often exposed to all forms of violence - the newest violence coming from stray dogs. There is great need to appreciate the value of the human person"

One would suggest that the Patriarch and leaders of the Orthodox Church may wish to reconsider who is the violent part, and to re-appraise for their support of the new 'Slaughter Law' now that you know that it exposes children to abuse and violence which can inhibit their ability to access their spirituality and which has already brought death to three people and deep sorrow to their families.


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