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Stop the Black Rhino trophy from entering the United States!

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The black rhino is an amazing animal but their numbers have reduced tremendously. There are only about 4,848 left in the wild. The black rhino is being killed because poachers have a commercial demand for the black rhino’s horns. Recently, the Dallas Safari Club auctioned off a hunting permit for the Namibian black rhino. The club claims that with the money it received from the auction it would try to save the black rhino. This is outrageous and hypocritical. How can an organization that’s trying to save an endangered mammal raise money by killing one of them? There is a limited number of rhinos and the organization is willing to sell the right to kill a rhino and cut the species down by one more. Unfortunately, it is too late to stop the auction. However, the winner of the auction still needs to obtain a permit from the US Fish and Wildlife service to bring the carcass as a trophy to the United States. So, my mission is to convince the US Fish and Wildlife Service that the Namibian Black Rhino trophy be prohibited into the United States.


It is important that the trophy is not allowed into the United States. It will show that the animals are protected and will discourage people from participating in any future events. The protection of the black rhino is essential because, with less than 5,000 of them left in the world, every single one of them plays an active role in their survival. Killing one to try and conserve them is unacceptable. We should be promoting the conservation of these wonderful animals, not the hunting of them.  The US Fish and Wildlife Service has the power to allow black rhinos to be brought back into the United States. They also have the authority to deny the import of the black rhino trophy and be an example to the whole world. We must encourage the US Fish and Wildlife Services to stop any permits to import trophies such as the black rhino.

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