Transparency and appreciation from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club towards its supporters.

Transparency and appreciation from Tottenham Hotspur Football Club towards its supporters.

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Lee Ford started this petition to Daniel Levy - Donna Cullen.

Dear Ms Cullen.
On the club website under the heading 2018/19 One Hotspur Ticket and Membership Terms and Conditions you define as follows.

“The Stadium” means the Club’s designated venue for Matches in the 2018/19 Season.

“Match” means any competitive football match played at the Stadium during the Season by the Club’s first team, in the Premier League and/or cup competitions. 

During late May and early June, you made for sale season tickets to “the stadium.’’ At no time did you state that the ground would not be complete and that first team matches would be played at Wembley Stadium. 

It is assumed that you had total assurances and due diligence was carried out concerning all parties that the ground would be ready and if not, then it is in the first instance considered gross negligent on the clubs part if these procedures where not followed. 

Over the summer, the club has continued to imply that “the stadium” and the seat purchased would be available at the beginning of the Premiership season on August 10th. 

In late July you announced a delay in the completion of the stadium, that it appears the club knew was the predicted outcome a month before and that our first home match would instead be played at Wembley Stadium. The club had to compensate the NFL and the stadium naming and main sponsor both pulled out in the last 14 days due to the loss of the NFL game. Forgive me for asking but are we a football club or now an NFL franchise? 

This delay/change of venue has caused significant disruption and inconvenience to a large majority of the clubs supporters. As I write hundreds have still not even received their tickets. Thousands have not received stadium access cards and membership packs. 

You should be concerned at the apathy this decision was met with, simply by looking at just how many tickets have been sold for the Fulham fixture. It also beggars belief that the club had the audacity to deceive season ticket holders to take up the automatic cup ticket scheme without them having any knowledge of the delays you have known of since late June. 

News began filtering through yesterday by sources from outside the club that “the stadium” is nowhere near ready and the fixtures against Liverpool and Cardiff will also be played at Wembley Stadium. It appears nobody knows when we will ever begin playing in “the stadium.” 

The contempt shown by the club to the supporters is totally unacceptable. It appears we have lost significant funds in naming rights and the withdrawal of the un-named main sponsor. This would go some way in explaining why we failed to strengthen the first team in any way, shape or form during the transfer window. 

Taking the above mentioned definitions of what you consider “the stadium” and a “match” I put it to you that Tottenham Hotspur Football Club fraudulently and negligently sold season tickets to “the stadium.”  

Each and every person who paid for a season ticket entered into a contract with the club under the belief that the ground would be ready for the start of the season. It has transpired that this is not the case and is considered a clear breach, which entitles every single person a refund for the three matches and if the individual chooses, for the entire season. It is also considered that each individual can claim for damages on the basis of negligence and fraud.  

As this is an unique case, point 1.6 of your terms and conditions regarding guarantees of time, date and location of fixtures is considered null and void as it is considered not written for such an event as what has happened. 

It is of my belief that the club is guilty of negligent misrepresentation over the sale of season tickets and it is for the club to disprove such negligence. I therefore invite you to prove that the club had reasonable grounds to believe the statement (that the ground would be ready) and that they believed the facts represented to them was true. 

This whole situation is nothing short of a shambles. There is growing discontent from the supporters over how the club is being run. The lack of investment in the squad this summer and the sheer arrogance of how the club treats its customers. Let me also make it clear that The Tottenham Hotspur Supporters Trust does not represent 98% of the clubs fan base and the relationship you have with them is pathetic, pointless and an utter waste of time. 

In other business, the CEO would be sacked over this incompetence. How much investment from stadium naming rights, the un-named main sponsor and the NFL is anybodies guess. If Daniel Levy had any balls he would address the supporters himself instead of hiding behind you. 

I and everyone that supports Tottenham Hotspur Football Club would like a detailed and honest response to the points that I have raised. 

I look forward to your reply in due course. 

Yours Sincerely,

Lee Ford.


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